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Toronto Graffiti photograped by Tarah Zaczyk





Crush Lane's Collections are inspired by pop-culture fashion, music and interior design influences.

Mostly handmade in-house, our collections push the envelope, feature fashion-forward designs, and appeal to the modern day person. Just as our slogan ‘Free to Feel. Free to be. You’ indicates, we believe jewellery is a form of self-expression and our contrasting collections allow anyone to choose which style they identify with to express their individuality.

Free to feel. Free to be. You.

"A hip jewellery collection with personality."

Crush Lane's collections are inspired by pop art, fashion, music and interior design influences of an urban environment- stemmed from Toronto's own Queen West neighbourhood. Hip jewellery with personality. 


As a youngster, I had always envisioned becoming an interior designer. My plan changed when, in high school, I worked for a local jewellery store. I fell in love - the history, the luxury, the sentiment, the symbolism and how empowered one could feel wearing a piece. I've always had a talent for working with my hands, a strong attention to detail and an eye for pleasing composition. It was only natural that I set off on my journey to Toronto to enrol in George Brown College's Jewellery Arts Program, in 2004 to become a certified goldsmith.

Crush Lane was born in 2008. Shortly after I graduated, I had the opportunity to join the 'Made You Look Jewellery' family where I was mentored, applied and developed my skills in jewellery design, goldsmithing, repairs, and found my way into the industry. At that same time, I also had the great pleasure of managing for Anne Sportun at her flag ship store where I learned what it truly takes to run a largely successful branded jewellery line. 

tarah zaczyk the designer
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