Toronto Graffiti photograped by Tarah Zaczyk



"A hip jewellery collection with personality."

Crush Lane's collections are inspired by pop art, fashion, music and interior design influences of an urban environment- stemmed from Toronto's own Queen West neighbourhood. Hip jewellery with personality. 


As a youngster, I had always envisioned becoming an interior designer. My plan changed when, in high school, I worked for a local jewellery store. I fell in love - the history, the luxury, the sentiment, the symbolism and how empowered one could feel wearing a piece. I've always had a talent for working with my hands, a strong attention to detail and an eye for pleasing composition. It was only natural that I set off on my journey to Toronto to enrol in George Brown College's Jewellery Arts Program, in 2004 to become a certified goldsmith.

Crush Lane was born in 2008. Shortly after I graduated, I had the opportunity to join the 'Made You Look Jewellery' family where I was mentored, applied and developed my skills in jewellery design, goldsmithing, repairs, and found my way into the industry. At that same time, I also had the great pleasure of managing for Anne Sportun at her flag ship store where I learned what it truly takes to run a largely successful branded jewellery line. 

tarah zaczyk the designer