Crush Lane's One-of-a-Kind 'Grunge' Collection, '80's Earring Jam' Cluster Neckpiece. 
Made with only the most special treasures- up-cycled 80's earrings, antiqued sterling silver cubes, matte black onyx cubes and chandelier crystals, with a very geometric aesthetic. White tone with gold accents. Measures 22"in length. A true statement piece.


Please note- some of the charms/components are not perfect, as 'new'. They are found treasures that have been up-cycled into a new piece. They are only modified to be attached as per the design. We have intentionally left their flaws as is. For example- Some charms may be missing a rhinestone in it's seat or enamel might be chipped. This is part of the charm and history that makes these pieces so special.

'80's Earring Jam' Neckpiece

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    Designed and created by
    Tarah Zaczyk
    Jewellery Designer. Goldsmith
    Made in Cornwall ON Canada