Leaps of Faith

This blog is all about how CRUSH LANE was an overnight success…

Can we all just LOL together on that one?

The truth is, there is no such thing as an ‘over-night success’. Unless you’re one of the Kardashians. Then you pretty much had that one in the cards.

In actuality, CL is the result of years of schooling and studying, years of working and learning from others while envisioning something else, and taking many leaps of faith. It is not easy taking the road not taken. It is not easy jumping into the unknown when the only notion you have of it working out is a little voice in your head and a feeling in your gut.

Some people may not know this, but CL was born long before the opening of our first Pop-Up Boutique. CL’s chief visionary, Tarah Zaczyk, developed CL during her time in Toronto studying at George Brown College in the ‘Jewellery Arts’ program. It continued growing as she worked for Toronto hot spots such as Made You Look Jewellery and managing Anne Sportun’s flagship store. Even after her return to her hometown, CL remained a side business that she could throw herself into creatively while still working a day job elsewhere. It wasn’t until early 2017 that Tarah started to listen to her gut, and took on CL full-time. Like many other successful businesses before, CL began as a basement operation. Selling on a self-developed website and on other social media platforms, CL began to catch traction and Tarah hired on two other associates to bring to business to the next level. CL then began to sell out of retail spaces, at trade shows and fundraisers, and overall developed more of a presence in the area.

You see, CL didn’t develop according to this strategically prepared 5-year plan. CL developed, and still does to this day, through the process of outgrowing the previous situation. Similar to your clothes getting a bit too tight or a snake shedding it’s skin, we became uncomfortable in the previous situation and needed to move on in order to expand. This led to our first ‘Pop-Up Boutique’! We knew that we needed something more, but we had no idea what the response would be to a brick and mortar, or if it would even be sustainable in this area. It was not in the proverbial plan to open a Boutique, ‘Pop-Up’ or otherwise, a little over a year running the biz full-time!

Was it terrifying taking this leap? Yes. Did it take A LOT of hard work to get it off the ground? Hell yeah. Was there a ton of IKEA furniture assemblage? LOL yes.

It took a small village of friends and family to get our first little home up and running, but the results were worth it. Taking another huge leap of faith and opening the boutique was one of the BEST decisions for CL! We were finally able to function out of a space that truly reflected our brand and esthetic, but more importantly, we were finally able to connect with our clients on a much more one-on-one, personal basis. Because, at the end of the day, creating connections is the reason we do this in the first place! Once our lease came up, we realized that there was NO way we were taking steps back to where we came from. It was only up from here!

Which brings us to our latest leap of faith - opening our official, permanent Flagship Boutique at 105 Pitt St in Cornwall, ON! Our official opening date of October 2nd has been announced and we are BEYOND excited for you to see what we have in the works!

We are sharing all of this today, because it is easy to look at other businesses or major brands thriving in the industry and think that they perhaps had some big break or a golden opportunity just fell from the sky - but the truth is, that person and team has been working their tush off for years to make things grow from nothing! Dream don't work unless YOU do. Put in the time, be resourceful, keep taking those steps and leaps of faith, as terrifying as they may be, and you can create the dream you envision!

Until next time, CL babes!

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