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Q - What metals does Crush Lane use?

A - CL is committed to using the highest quality materials! The metals from our collection pieces include sterling silver, nickel-free sterlium silver, 14k gold-filled, as well as 10k/14k solid gold pieces. CL can use any high quality metal for custom pieces.

Q - What is the difference between Gold Plated and Gold Filled?

A - Gold plating is a method of covering another type of metal with a very thin film of pure gold by electroplating it. The downside of plated jewelry is that the gold finish can chip, fade and tarnish more easily. Gold-filled jewellery is much more valuable than gold-plated. There is almost 100 percent more gold in gold-filled items than found in gold-plated items and gold-filled is always the next best thing to solid gold.

Q - How do I care for my sterling silver jewellery?

A - With proper care, sterling silver is very manageable to clean and keep looking stunning. To clean your silver, use cleaners and polishing cloths formulated specifically to remove tarnish. You can find fine silver polishes and cloths appropriate to remove tarnish at CL! Tarnish is most easily removed when it first becomes visible. Although wearing your silver jewellery often is the best way to prevent tarnish from building up, regular cleanings of all your silver items will prevent tarnish and keep your pieces bright and sparkling.

Q - What is rhodium plating?

A - Rhodium is one of the elements listed on the Periodic Table of Elements. It is a very rare silver/white metal that, when plated on jewellery, gives jewellery a nice crisp bright white color, similar to platinum. This plating greatly improves the appearance of the white gold jewelry and gives a highly reflective appearance that doesn't cause a skin reaction.

Q - How do I size my finger?

A - The most accurate way is to be sized with a hard finger gauge that features separate rings for each individual size. If you plan on rarely taking your ring off, then the perfect size ring for you should slide on your finger relatively easy and take a bit of effort to take off. Someone who needs to take their ring off every day for work might want it looser than that. It is all about preference! CL will happily size you to ensure you are comfortable.

Q - What is the 'sterlium silver' used in the VIXEN Collection?

A - Sterlium is a sterling silver alloy that is nickel-free, tarnish resistant, and maintains a bright white color - perfect for our VIXEN Collection, which features our signature texture!

Q - How does the custom process work?

A - The custom process typically begins with a consultation with our goldsmith and jewellery designer. We will create some designs according to your ideas, esthetic, and budget. Once you decide on a design, we will present you with a computer generated design that reflects the perfect, structurally accurate image of your special piece before anything has been physically created. Using this state of the art CAD design software, your custom piece can be created and replicated with absolute precision, ensuring perfection before the piece is even materialized. You will then have the opportunity to look at your design in a solid wax to ensure your satisfaction as well as make any necessary changes before moving to the next phase of production. This step-by-step process ensures absolute satisfaction with the final outcome of your one-of-a-kind piece!

Q - Can I still order a custom piece if I live out of town?

A - CL serves clients from ALL over and can certainly accommodate clients via online communication tools. We ask out-of-town clients to email us at '' to begin the consultation process and we continue from that point to successfully provide you with the piece you are dreaming of!

Q - Can I order custom jewellery other than engagement rings and wedding bands?

A - The short answer - hellz yeah! We specialize in CUSTOM, which includes 'Just Because pieces'! The process is the same as indicated in the above answer. At CL, we believe jewellery should be treasured and unique to YOU. What better way than to be a part of the step-by-step process of designing your own piece!

Q - How are GRUNGE pieces created?

A - Creating GRUNGE pieces is quite the creative process! This one-of-a-kind jewellery collection features eclectic, bold statement pieces with a grungy-cool aesthetic. All pieces are made with re-purposed, unwanted jewellery, and found treasures, to be re-made with new life. These handmade pieces are created with edgy accessories such as chunky chains, vintage rhinestones, spikes, skeleton keys, zippers, watch faces, chandelier crystals, themed charms and metallic details. Did YOU know that you could donate your unwanted jewellery to have a new GRUNGE piece created for you OR donate your unwanted jewellery and receive a discount on your next CL purchase!

Q - How has CL changed since opening a Flagship Boutique?

A - Opening our first 'Pop-up' Flagship Boutique was a HUGE step that completely changed the game for CL! Opening a brick and mortar allowed us to create a visually appealing retail space that perfectly encompassed our brand and style, while allowing us to CONNECT with our clients and supporters. Having a retail space finally allowed us to accommodate all of our supporters - online and in-person! During this short time, we have also seen the niche we fill in our community and the support we received was far beyond what we could have expected. We are excited to announce our new permanent Flagship Boutique location at 105 Pitt Street in Cornwall, ON. Stay tuned for an opening date!

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